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Why does Netflix’s teenage series “Sexuality Education” like adults

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It is a rare case when a promising name justifies the most daring expectations of the viewer. From the very doorstep we plunge into the very atmosphere. Well, the very one. This is not a place for shyness, because the main character is the son of a sexopathologist, charming Gillian Anderson. Frank scenes, detailed conversations, teenage problems. But, thus, the narration does not turn to the next “American pie”, moreover, an intimate part of life of teenagers gradually becomes a background before more essential problems. The comedy series Sex Education has a heart and soul.

Prepare to experience unfamiliar feelings and sensations. As in the universe of the sad killer “Johnny Wick” all passers-by suddenly turn out to be killers, and in the world of “Sex Education” every student has something to tell and ask about sex. If our schools did not keep this topic so actively and did not pretend that this side of life does not exist in high school students at all, then maybe the personal drama would be less?

The main character is a modest guy named Otis, who is played by a talented British actor Asa Butterfield (“Boy in striped pajamas”, “Time Keeper”). Ironically, the boy, brought up by two psychotherapists, suffers from a bouquet of complexes. That’s because the beautiful Gillian Anderson takes clients at home, likes to talk on frank topics, and does not hold back during moments of passion, inviting another man home.

Suffering from a strange psychological illness, Otis realizes that he is not the only one. Every schoolchild has something to say. In the old school toilet Otis opens his own “psychotherapy room” together with an enterprising girl Mave. Maybe for someone this will be a revelation, but sometimes just talking to someone who cares about personal problems is enough to move on.

And the topics are not easy. Eric is a gay friend of the hero, who dreams of wearing makeup and bright dresses. Mave is a smart and talented girl who lives alone in a trailer and earns a living selling control, but in a snobby society she is all bullied for her defiant behavior and unconventional appearance. Aimee is a good-natured cheerleader who couldn’t even think that intimacy could be pleasing to more than just men.

A kind of humor, topical themes, great actors, well-prescribed characters. Instead of one voice, one story, we will hear dozens. Each series tells about the life of the main characters and is supplemented by stories of their friends and acquaintances, “clients” of Otis. Heroes in front of our eyes grow as individuals and develop, learning from their own and others’ mistakes. Making new mistakes.

The result is

Recommended for high school students and adult uncles and aunts. The series “Sexuality Education” 2019 is, so far, the best series for teenagers and about teenagers. Ironic comedy gently turns into a drama that looks easy. To experience and feel these emotions is necessary to understand that many problems are solved, if you can tell about them honestly and without decoration, if you can trust another person.


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