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Where do good intentions lead? Watching a new series based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Geiman

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There are only a few days left before the Apocalypse. One of the best series of 2019 “Good omens” is based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Geiman.

So is the mini-series good, as dreamed of the fans of writers? Fans say that they do not. Fans are a little disappointed. Why? Let’s figure it out.

The story is narrated in the first person – the face of God, who is voiced by Francis McDormant (hi, “Dogme”). The plot of the artwork is almost literally transferred to the script. You watch the TV series, and the feeling of reading a book. Almost no discrepancies with the original source, in my opinion, it’s fine.

Author’s references and remarks are half the charisma of Terry Pratchett’s books. Subtle humor, sharp satire: the nuts were taken by church servants, predictors, Nazis, walked through the biblical stories, the generation of mass consumption, analyzed the peculiarities of mythmaking. Without boring moralizing. Hero Michael Sheen (Angel), watching the preparation of Noah for the flood, just says to David Tennant (Demon): “The Lord wasted a little bit of heat, erases the human race with thunderstorms. But then he will hang out a new thing, a rainbow, as a promise not to drown anyone else. What Crowley is answering: “That’s what you expect from our people. But, God is not judged. By the way, then we lost unicorns – one escaped from the boat.

It is impossible to correct the destruction – where to put a comma?

The story begins from the very beginning. From the beginning of time: God has just created the world, and an Angel on duty named Azirafael and sent by the Demon Crowley are already actively working in it. It so happens that the underground office sent Crowley to “make a scandal” or feed Eve the fruit from the tree of knowledge, so the birth of mankind is entirely his merit. Azirafael did not remain indifferent, and supplied the first people expelled from Paradise with a fiery sword. Already then both decided that God had gone too far with punishment, because “it was the first drive”.

The loss of the sword will still come back to Azirafael – the heavenly office keeps records of all the issued property. In the meantime, Angel and Demon are settling among the people. One wants to look after, the other to do evil. But soon it turns out that people are coping perfectly well: sometimes they will arrange a war, sometimes they will start an inquisition. The point is to strain, when you can just send reports to their own instances, anyway, no one will understand whether Crowley sowed a quarrel between people or whether Azirafael really saved the number of bison.

So this pair of idlers of hedonists among mankind lived until one day the baby Antichrist appeared in the world and announced about preparation for the Apocalypse. Well there full destruction of a life, restart of the universe, fight of angels and demons for human souls. While the higher and lower divine forces look forward to the greatest fight, without thinking about the fate of people, Crowley and Azirafael decide to rally. They like to live on Earth: the company of demons of hell is quite boring, and in Paradise there is no decent composer.

How do you stop the Antichrist? It is necessary to bring him up correctly, so that neither he nor she could get a half-middle, so that the boy would not want to arrange the End of the World. A couple of newly baked friends take on the job. Guys 11 years old bring up a boy, until it turns out that the guy is not the right one. The Satanic nuns accidentally mixed up the babies and planted the wrong mommy on the night of her birth. Oopsie. It turns out that THIS boy grew up on his own, without an Angel and a Demon whispering to him their truths. And, I must say, the child turned out better. There is 1 day left before the Apocalypse.

So why did not everyone like the show?

Of course, it is unrealistic to please everyone. The story is fascinating, filmed stylishly, the music is excellent. Someone is confused by a large number of characters who are given a lot of time, but they do not seem to have a special influence on the course of events. They are witches, witches, friends of the Antichrist, soldiers of armies of angels and demons, riders of the Apocalypse. The finale seems a bit crumpled, but it is the same in the book. Personally, I recommend “Good omens” for children 10-15 years old and adults.


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