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Pretend to be. A story about a terrible crime that actually happened

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On the search for a movie someone wrote the series “Pretend” in 2019 in the genre of horror. The story of how her own mother made a daughter of a disabled person, really, horrific. Filmed on real events: in 2015, the young Gypsy Rose Blanchard was put away for the murder of his mother, Dee Di Blanchard.

Pretend to be

Americans adored the charming girl Gypsy and her incredibly kind and patient mother. The girl needed constant care: she suffered from many incurable diseases, could not walk, saw poorly, ate through a tube in her stomach, fought against leukemia. Gypsy had to wear wigs because her mother shaved her head every week – her hair would still fall out herself. The whole closet in the house was filled with hundreds of bottles of medicine. By the time she was 20, the girl had undergone 10 surgeries, including extraction of all her teeth, cutting out her salivary glands and brushing her ears. “Gypsy had a 7-year-old’s brain,” said Dee Dee. And then it turned out that the girl had been in perfect health all these years.
Dee Dee was found dead on the bed in his common home with Gypsy. More than 5 knife wounds. The girl disappeared without a single wheelchair. For several days, U.S. residents were experiencing a tragedy, guessing who kidnapped the sick child. Jeepsie, even in her 20s, looked like a little girl, small and skinny with a constant smile on her face. And then there was a shock when the TVs showed Gypsy walking on his feet in the courtroom. Little Gypsy asked her boyfriend, Godjon, to “free” her from prison by killing Dee Dee Dee.


Sometimes in life events are much more interesting than the fiction of any writer. Follow the development of the history of the series “Pretend” incredibly exciting, even when you know the story and the final. It turned out to be a tense, frightening drama, bordering on the genre of documentary.
You can not look for additional information about this story – the series literally quoted the words of the real participants who gave interviews. Jeepsie and Dee Dee often became the heroines of TV programs as an example of selflessness and strength of spirit. Also, videos of the interrogation of Jeepsie and her lover were re-recorded, and court records were quoted. Internet correspondence with Gojon is used, full of obscenities. Moreover, Gypsy was often filmed as a child. Only a few moments are shown to enhance the emotional effect, as warned by the final credits.
The cast is excellent: the external resemblance to the real prototypes, a good acting game. The role of Dee Dee Dee went to Patricia Arquette (Oscar for “Teenage”).

Dee Dee Dee

And so, you sit, you look at these poor crooks, and do not know who is pitiful more: the confused Dee Dee Dee with Munchausen’s syndrome or her daughter, who first loved her mother so much that she did not ask questions, and then felt like a hostage, which is used to achieve their goals. Why didn’t the girl just get up and leave the house, she knew it wouldn’t work that way. Either the overprotective mother will find her, or they will both go to jail for fraud. By the way, after the murder, Gypsy did not believe that she would be punished and put in prison.
The show is recommended for viewing. The story is unique, sad, interesting. There is a limitation on the rating – there are scenes for adults. The directors do not ceremony with the viewer, showing everything without any decorations.


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