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Movie Overview Play or Die

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What’s the movie about?

Play or Die

Fans of quests and puzzles are everywhere. They want to solve them most of all in order to get the desired prize in the future – a way out of a difficult situation. Young people in the person of Chloe and Lucas agree to participate in the quest game. They must, will have to go through all the difficulties that arise to get out of a difficult situation. But it will not be so easy to do. After all, the main characters at every step, will expect death. Toys with death is not a fake, but the most terrible truth. Unknown people set up fire traps and not only to kill them. Now, in this game they will have no way back. They should only go forward and not stop to win. In the movie for the viewer, a dramatic note of empathy for the characters will be very well respected. After all, there, they are not very easy. They want to destroy them, and the psychological tension is growing. For example, it can be seen in those moments when Lucas, in order to save his beloved girlfriend, is ready to go through the fire and save her life in the end.

The truth will come to light

Later, Lucas and Chloe, having passed through all the obstacles, will still reach the person who set up an unpleasant surprise for them. What to do with this person: to destroy or escape, they will determine for themselves. But they have accumulated a lot of questions, for what reason they were set up, such a very difficult and from a certain side of a complex quest. To this question they will have to get an answer. The main thing they need to find a way to survive and get out of the situation that has developed with them.

The success of the film

Play or Die

This movie is a French horror movie. The author of the project is Jacques Kluger. The director tried to make a project in the genre of psychologically-feature films with the use of tragic moments. In general, it turned out to be true. In Russia, the official premiere of the film May 10. In the world the film will be released much later. The output is scheduled for May 17. The latest showing of this film is expected in Turkey. There is an exit of the organizers are scheduled for June 7. The film is focused on the world market and is not intended for viewing inside the country.


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