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Movie novelties from 6 to 12 May

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The world of cinema, full of author’s paintings of Russian and foreign production, released in theaters from 6 to 12 May. What the audience watched in the coming days and what was remembered this week of film, you can learn below.

Popular pictures of the week


“Escape.” The film tells the story of how in 1988 Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan. Troops will have to go through a dangerous pass, which is controlled by local Afghan clans. Soon Pashtuns will capture the Soviet pilot. The detachment passing through the pass is in a difficult position. They need to save their comrade and at the same time negotiate with the Islamists. The main moral in the painting is “one should not leave one’s own”.

“The Mumbai Hotel. The most secure hotel in India is the Taj Mahal Palace. Every guest who is there is safe for all hotel staff. But sometimes, serious problems can occur in the hotel, which will lead to the fact that all guests who are in it will survive the most terrible moments of struggle of dark forces and good forces. Will all hotel guests manage to get out of a difficult situation and save their own lives.

“Mowglie of a wild planet. Buck was a participant in the disaster, during which his spacecraft was on an unknown planet. Together with his robot, he must survive in the rough jungle where he is. While he was in the accident, he managed to send his parents the data about the location of the spacecraft. He is waiting for help. But he will have to wait a long time for help. Therefore, the main character will act independently, inventing ways to survive on an unknown planet

two women by the sea

“Sweating crooks.” The story of two girls who use their own femininity, ready to surround the rich men. Where there are no persuasions, there is lying love. They are ready to do anything to get hold of other people’s millions and deceive rich billionaires. How will the girls act? What are the results, after all, will lead to their further life adventures.

The premiere of these films started in Russia and the CIS this week. They collect views and the first box office receipts.


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