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Intrigue at the MTV Movie TV Awards – Avengers 4 or Game of Thrones

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Participation in awards and character nominations

The MTV Movie & TV Awards, the world’s largest film award for the movies, announced that such famous international projects as Avengers 4 and the new season of the Game of Thrones, will participate in the award. It is planned that the actors and participants of these projects will be evaluated in the following significant categories:

  • The best film. It will be specifically determined which one of the films, based on the audience’s sympathies, has become better. This title will be challenged by the Avengers and the Game of Thrones
  • Best fight ever. It will be analyzed here, then how the characters of these projects, brightly fought with their enemies. In this nomination will get from the Avengers – Captain America, and from the TV series – Tanos
  • Best hero and best villain. Big competition will break out between characters like Iron Man and Tanos. The audience and the judging panel at the MTV Movie & TV Awards will determine who is the best.
Avengers 4

Which movie is the brightest in the actor’s game?

The audience will have different opinions about which film (series) is actually the best. But these projects may well compete for several titles, on the acting skills of the participants. So at the movies awards will be raffled awards in the best show. They can get the actors of the series from the Game of Thrones. One of these bright personalities may be Aryan Stark. But do not be happy that this series, the fastest to take the award. So, the award for the best show, can get the Avengers, or a project such as Ghosts at home on the hill. As you can see, the competition between the shows is open. Any actor, director, can be a good showcase and win a prize.

When will the winners become known?

The winners will be known, very soon on June 17. The prize has become a traditional one for a very long time. The winner will get a large can of popcorn instead of the usual statuettes. This will be a symbol of the fact that the project was successful. The host of this award will be a famous showman – Zakhar Levi.


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