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Detainees: Russian erotic thriller

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The series “Soderzhanka” by the scandalous theater director Konstantin Bogomolov was one of the most anticipated in 2019. Was it a joke, they promised to show what was hidden: the beautiful bodies of beautiful actresses. Aesthetic pleasure plus an exciting plot – it’s a holiday! But, do not hurry to get forks and spoons: a feast for the mind turned into a feast of vegans. You come like Winnie the Pooh, prepared for a hearty dinner in the morning, and the hare feeds you with one carrot. Carrots you eat, where to go, but the resentment will remain.

What happens in an erotic thriller

Detainees: Russian erotic thriller

There were lazy, rich, lazy people living there. And so they were tired of everything that surrounds them, that only the secret romantic connections and gave some emotions. In the sterile interiors of their own homes have to wear a mask of loving wives and caring husbands, at work pretend to be a happy man. The rich can’t be unhappy, can they? According to the Mantis, the rich cannot be happy. The whole life is a theatre in which actors play their roles without rest, like hostages.
One small incident that catalyzes events is that the woman of one official, Igor (Sergei Burunov), is killed in a restaurant. The place is vacant. The investigation begins. This is how we understand that people are not significant. Burunov’s hero quickly finds a replacement for his secret mistress. Dasha, a humble and inexperienced friend of the murdered woman, is like a breath of fresh air: she has just arrived from Saratov, can talk not only about money, but also understands the art that Igor Dmitrievich loves so much. Well, as he loves it, he saves money. When Dasha sluggishly “refuses” to offer to receive a salary for nothing, the official is touchingly moved. Therefore, he pays with double force. So we understand that the rich are as simple as children.
Investigator Lena Shirokova (Daria Frost) takes over the investigation. The heroine will severely violate the orders of her superiors, showing ingenuity. But Lena’s motives are ambiguous: you seem to believe that the lady really “supports” her work and is eager to punish the guilty, and then you observe how she dances erotically in a mini-dress where she should be looking for criminals. As a result, Lena changes the world she finds herself in very quickly.
In general, the heroes are divided into two fronts, and the division is very clear. Rich and kept women. The rich pay and cry. Contestants weave intrigues and enjoy life. You want to shout “I don’t believe you” at every “I love you”. There is no love here at all.

Why “Soderzhanka” series is boring to watch

Detainees: Russian erotic thriller

The words “drama” and “thriller” are completely inappropriate in describing the show. Probably because the characters are incredibly flat, empty, and they do not want to empathize. We just watch everyone take turns sleeping with everyone. That’s why it’s disgusting and uninteresting. Adulter for a while fills the emptiness of hearts of dull characters and just stretches the timekeeping.
It is interesting that only selected characters are allowed to express emotions and show the real acting game. Such a directorial technique strongly emphasizes some heroes in front of others. Art historian Dasha has reached perfection in her ability not to play: her fish eyes and mimicry expressed absolutely nothing, her voice is colorless. It seemed impossible to get inside this mannequin. Against her background, Burunov’s hero simply oozed out with life’s juices.
Actors managed to talk, almost without moving their lips. When you watch it for several hours, do you think where you got into – a bad simulation of the matrix?

Detainees: Russian erotic thriller

Who would like to see this spectacle

It’s gonna be season two. Therefore, we need to have time to evaluate the first one. The story is more for women, young ladies than for men. If anyone is familiar with Bogomolov’s theatrical productions, and considers him a genius, then the television debut will be appreciated in dignity. In any case, after watching it, there is something to think about – but not about the plot, that’s for sure. Rather, about the manner of presentation. More likely, about why exactly this manner was used. Who understood, write comments.


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