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Bloody Transit – Mongolia makes a bloody militant

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military personnel

Dangerous Asian militant

“Bloody Syndicate” is a completely new project of Kazakh and Mongolian directors, made in the style of “bondiniana” about secret agents. The story revolves around Serik Ibrayev. He is the representative of a mafia clan that is engaged in the illegal sale of people on the black market. Naturally, the world’s human rights activists guess what actions Ibrayev is committing. The FBI’s secret intelligence, too, is not sleeping well. Therefore, in order to eliminate the mafia bandit, sent to Mongolia a secret agent of the FBI – Wade Dalton. The command, entrusts him with the destruction of the dangerous bandit in a short time.
An attack is inevitable.
An FBI agent doesn’t work alone. He works together with a professional local police officer. He is Ganzorigm. Together, they have to take the dangerous gangster to court to restore justice. However, you can’t just take the leader. Ibrayev’s loyal people are ready to do anything to protect their boss’s life. Now the police agent will have to face the opposition of bandits, as well as survive the flight of the leader. Now together they have to catch him. A lot of insidious situations can happen during this time. All these situations should be beware of

four agents

Technical side of the film

The film is made in the form of a quality action movie, with all the norms of “cinema for men”. Here you can see a good weapon a lot of explosions and just fake situations, which are arranged by bandits. The director in the game of actors, observes all the nuances of immersion of realism in the film. However, because of the large presence of blood, not many viewers like to watch it. On the other hand, the film has very little dialogue. The film will be more interesting to the viewer who is interested in the process, not the actors’ dialogue game.

Movie costs

The film premiered on May 9th. According to preliminary results, box office returns all the costs of watching the film. Only over the last weekend, the viewer left 1.3 billion rubles in theaters. The number of viewers who have already watched this Mongolian action movie is equal to 4 million viewers.

Duration of the film

Very comfortable, only 90 minutes.


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