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Baltic Film Festival

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On May 21, St. Petersburg will host the “Baltic Film Festival”. In addition to the Baltic States, Russian directors will also participate. Each of these directors has prepared an interesting picture for the viewer, which will be evaluated by the panel of judges. Baltic directors do not talk a lot about what will be in the stories of their films. However, at the moment the agenda of the event is known, which will be held from 21 to 26 May.

What was interesting about the event?
The general theme of the films.
Directors in St. Petersburg, brought 6 pictures, which will discuss the topic of women’s and children’s problems. It is noteworthy, but most of the pictures were made by women directors, which also emphasizes the interest of the event

Real work.
All the paintings that participate in the Baltic Festival, have not fictional, but a real history of filming. Every problem that is in the film, once happened to real people or exists in general form, of modern society.

The festival is expected to produce interesting results and public reaction.

What was shown to the audience?
Viewers were shown such works as: “Bille” by Inara Colmane, “Excursionist” by Audrius Yuzenas and “Comrade Child” by Moonica Siimets. The problem of the youth hippie movement in the USSR will be discussed separately. It will be shown in the film “Soviet Hippies”, the reasons and actions that moved people in times when it was difficult to get through to the truth.

When are the winners to be determined?
The winners will be known soon.

On 26 May, the event will be summed up. It was then that we decided which of the Baltic filmmakers became better and made an interesting work. Directors will be awarded the prize and the title of “the best director in the Baltic States”. All films will be shown, using Russian titles. Films will be offered to the audience, which are made in high-quality Russian-speaking voice.


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