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Month: May 2019

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Intrigue at the MTV Movie TV Awards – Avengers 4 or Game of Thrones

Participation in awards and character nominations The MTV Movie & TV Awards, the world’s largest film award for the movies, announced that such famous international projects as Avengers 4 and the new season of the Game of Thrones, will participate…


Pretend to be. A story about a terrible crime that actually happened

On the search for a movie someone wrote the series “Pretend” in 2019 in the genre of horror. The story of how her own mother made a daughter of a disabled person, really, horrific. Filmed on real events: in 2015,…


Detainees: Russian erotic thriller

The series “Soderzhanka” by the scandalous theater director Konstantin Bogomolov was one of the most anticipated in 2019. Was it a joke, they promised to show what was hidden: the beautiful bodies of beautiful actresses. Aesthetic pleasure plus an exciting…


Movie Overview Play or Die

What’s the movie about? Fans of quests and puzzles are everywhere. They want to solve them most of all in order to get the desired prize in the future – a way out of a difficult situation. Young people in…

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Bloody Transit – Mongolia makes a bloody militant

Dangerous Asian militant “Bloody Syndicate” is a completely new project of Kazakh and Mongolian directors, made in the style of “bondiniana” about secret agents. The story revolves around Serik Ibrayev. He is the representative of a mafia clan that is…

It is interesting

Movie novelties from 6 to 12 May

The world of cinema, full of author’s paintings of Russian and foreign production, released in theaters from 6 to 12 May. What the audience watched in the coming days and what was remembered this week of film, you can learn…